Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are your items in any stores?
Answer: Currently, we are not. But, we're working on it.

Question: How long does it take to receive my rod after placing an order?
Answer: We craft each rod to order. They take about three weeks to build, plus shipping time to arrive at your door. 

Question: Where are your rods made?
Answer: We craft our rods in Syracuse, using high quality parts from all over the world. 

Question: Do you make custom rods?
Answer: We do have the ability to make custom rods. Email us at with your idea.

Question: Where do you get your rod handles?
Answer: We purchase cork from Portugal (the leading cork grower in the world).    We receive the cork in rings measuring 1.5"x .5". We then bond the rings and turn on lathe to create the desired shape.